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POS Hardware

SpecialtySoft has been programmed and tested to operate with leading models of POS hardware. SpecialtySoft hardware is "plug and play" so programming is not required. Purchasing directly from SpecialtySoft allows for consolidated billing, drop shipment from manufacturer, and support for hardware products.

Metrologic Voyager 9500 Barcode Scanner

This quality barcode scanner enhances speed and accuracy at the point of sale. Items that can be scanned include general inventory and moulding and mat corner samples. Available in black or putty. $395.00

Electronic Cash Drawer

The Electronic Cash Drawer works with either of our available receipt printers for full POS integration. Available in black or putty. $295.00

Star 512 Receipt Printer

The Star 512 is an "impact" printer that prints a receipt for the customer. Interfaces with SpecialtySoft POS software and the Electronic Cash Drawer. Available in black or putty. $345.00

Star TSP613 Receipt Printer

The Star TSP613 receipt printer is a thermal printer, which is quieter than it’s cousin, the 512. Interfaces with SpecialtySoft software and the Electronic Cash Drawer. Available in black or putty. $495.00

Dymo Label Writer

SpecialtySoft software interfaces with the Dymo Label Writer. The Dymo allows expanded functionality in printing barcode and mailing labels directly from SpecialtySoft.

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