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Frame Solutions, Inc

Using SpecialtySoft, Frame Solutions, Inc expanded services to include commercial framing

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Harlan Giacomo, owner of Frame Solutions, Inc., wished to broaden his scope of services. A proponent of Japanese manufacturing principles, the former electronics engineer included commercial volume framing as part of his business plan.


Harlan implemented SpecialtySoft framing software and installed automated frame manufacturing equipment that would allow him to produce large volume frame orders quickly and with minimum labor costs.

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Using SpecialtySoft’s comprehensive reports module, Frame Solutions can easily:

  • Identify cost of materials
  • Negotiate competitive pricing while staying profitable
  • Do labor projections
  • Determine gross margins
  • Maintain inventories and ordering
  • Use barcode technology to price and track materials

                       Courtesy of PPFA Members Only


Harlan Giacomo has created an additional revenue stream and positioned Frame Solutions, Inc to be able to serve commercial clients who require volume framing on a regular basis.

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