SpecialtySoft Resources

SpecialtySoft is committed to the success of its customers. In addition to tech support, we offer numerous opportunities for customers to receive additional training and consultation.

New User Implementation:

New user implementation sessions are available for new SpecialtySoft customers. These telephone training sessions provide one-on-one assistance with software implementation and training. New user implementation is part of the Annual Vendor Update Subscription.

Training Events:

SpecialtySoft offers user-only classes at several trade shows and industry events. For a complete and up-to-date listing, please contact SpecialtySoft.

SpecialtySoft is proud to have hosted the SpecialtySoft User Symposium in 2004 and 2005. The Symposium offered customers a chance to fine tune their skills in the software program. Class offerings included topics ranging from marketing data collection to mat cutting. Past instructors have included Marc Bluestone, Jim Parrie, John Ranes, Stuart Altschular, Ken Baur, Mike Anglesey and Brian Wolf. The SpecialtySoft Users Symposium is an example of our continuing effort to offer value added services and educational programs tailored to the needs and requests of our customers.

Corporate Training:

SpecialtySoft offers onsite training for SpecialtySoft Corporate customers. Services include onsite training visits to facilitate effective implementation of SpecialtySoft production floor management software.

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