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SpecialtySoft View

A one-click frame preview system that measures automatically,
captures condition of art and integrates with SpecialtySoft POS

Features include:

  • Exclusive one click technology
  • Captures art condition
  • Displays multi-opening mat design
  • Customer presentation system
  • Displays multiple designs for quick comparison
  • Prints framed image on workticket and customer receipt
  • Automatically measures
  • Seamless integration with SpecialtySoft POS
  • Stores image and art condition in customer history
  • Captures stacked mouldings and fillets
  • Handles oversize art
  • Huge selection of design customization features
  • Duplicate frame feature allows instant side by side visual comparison of frame design options
  • Stores images for email to clients, creating catalogues,or preparing commercial presentations
  • Includes photography light for color enhanced images

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